Digital Marketing Communication


  • Margherita Corniani



Marketing Communication, Global Competition, Demand Bubbles, Digital Communication, Target Profiling


Digital marketing communication is directed to profiled targets, which are active in the communication process. Every communication flow can ask for an information answer from the market. This opportunity grants immediate feed-backs and feed-forwards, so that digital communication can be easily and cheaply measured; digital communication flows are diffused at costs that are getting lower and lower, but it asks specialized and deep competences to communication managers. The ease in the flowing process granted by digital technologies is also the main negative aspect of digital communication. It is impossible to control digital flows in all their effect and contacts and this limit opens the door to competitor actions and to “rumors”.

Author Biography

Margherita Corniani

Associate Professor of Management, University of Milan-Bicocca




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Corniani, M. (2006). Digital Marketing Communication. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 41–61.