Management Consulting, Global Markets and Corporate Networking


Within economic globalization, management consulting has become an important source for innovation in management, forming a bridge between academia, firms, and thought leaders in other fields.
In the 1980s and 1990s, management consulting has grown quickly in US and in Europe. The current trend in the market is a clear differentiation of management consulting firms.
Currently, there are four main types of consulting firms. First, the large management and strategic consulting specialists that offer only strategy consulting and are specialized in some specific industry. Second, the boutique firms, often
quite small, focusing on areas of consulting expertise in specific industries or technologies. Third, the medium-sized information technology consultancy networks, that mix boutique style with some of the typical services and technologies global players offer their clients. Finally, the large networks. Diversified organizations that offer a wide range of services.


Management Consulting; Corporate Networking; Global Markets; Management Consulting Firms; Consultancy Network

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