Sustainable Economic Growth in the Global Society


  • Elio Borgonovi



Sustainable Value, Economic Value, Sustainable Economic Value, Sustainable Economic Growth, Global Society, Economic Globalization


Without discussing the positive and some negative effects of economic globalization, an increasing number of researchers, scholars, consultants, policy makers added to the concept of ‘globalization’ the qualification of ‘sustainable’.
We can define the economic sustainability as the growth of richness and its distribution that enable a larger and larger part of the world population satisfy and increase the number of their needs and a better quality of life.
The challenge for a sustainable economic growth is to elaborate theories and policies to overcome the ‘free global competition’, towards a ‘global regulated competition’, without coming back to ‘state economy’.

Author Biography

Elio Borgonovi

Professor of Public Management, L. Bocconi University-Milan




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Borgonovi, E. (2007). Sustainable Economic Growth in the Global Society. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 50–63.