Control Systems for Banks in Global Markets


  • Monica Baraldi



Market-Driven Management, Advanced Control Systems, Internal Control, Internal Control Systems, Banking Authorities, Banks, Global Markets


A few authors underlie the necessity to promote a new ‘capitalistic ethic’ and to face the governance and control systems of organizations and institutions that work within the capital markets.
Internal control systems are considered the product of deep reflection of governance: it represents the bases of a wide evaluation for the single operative instruments and for the general culture of the risk control.
This contribution intends to bring out the role of the central institutions in the creation of the flexibility and the necessary environment to develop control instruments oriented towards the prevention and management of risk.

Author Biography

Monica Baraldi

Assistant Professor of Business Administration, University of Bologna




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Baraldi, M. (2008). Control Systems for Banks in Global Markets. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 81–88.