Market-Driven Management and Relations Between Banks and Corporations


  • Giuseppina Gandini



Market-Driven Management, Stakeholders, Banks-Corporations Relations, Insolvency Risks


Many banks, particularly local banks, use standard evaluation systems that often do not allow specific and detailed analysis of the different businesses which, on the contrary, should be encouraged to improve their corporate performance, particularly by trying to demonstrate that they are containing the risk of probable insolvency. The need to recover a governance structure that is effective for a collaborative relationship with banks entails a review of how organs are composed, and of the appointment, delegation and remuneration system to improve operating effectiveness. This means paying even greater attention to the corporate culture and the construction of more structured governance models.

Author Biography

Giuseppina Gandini

Full Professor of Business Administration, University of Brescia




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Gandini, G. (2009). Market-Driven Management and Relations Between Banks and Corporations. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 10–32.