Market-Driven Management and Global Economies of Scale


  • Alessandra Storlazzi



Market-Driven Management, Global Economies of Scale, Over-Supply, Competitive Customer Value, The Yamamay Case, The Geox Case


In market-driven management, dominated by competitive customer value, economies of intensity of sharing, or synergies, can be linked to global economies of scale. A market-driven management strategy radically alters the interpretation perspective of the issue of synergies. In market-driven management, synergies or economies of intensity of sharing do not derive from ‘pooling resources’ in order to saturate manufacturing capacity better, but from exploiting a store of skills to support different businesses. The cases presented (Geox and Yamamay) regard companies that can be defined as competitive customer value oriented, partly as a result of their capacity to exploit economies of intensity of sharing, by synergetic recourse to their basic skills.

Author Biography

Alessandra Storlazzi

Associate Professor of Management, University of Salerno




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Storlazzi, A. (2009). Market-Driven Management and Global Economies of Scale. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 46–57.