Market-Driven Management and Global Supply Chain


  • Monica Faraoni
  • Lorenzo Petretto



Market-Driven Management, Global Markets, Global Supply Chain, Global Sourcing, Pull/Push Supply Chain, Demand-Driven Supply Network


Globalization and over-supply have pushed companies to face new competitive challenges. In such a competitive space, a new approach in managing the supply chains and the consequent optimization of material flows and intangible assets plays a crucial role for improving long-term performances of both individuals belonging to the chain and the entire supply chain. Companies are part of a systematic network of companies and an efficient management of the network allows to reduce the time-to-market for launching new products, to increase the ability to collaborate with value-chain partners and the ability to generate greater value for the customers.

Author Biographies

Monica Faraoni

Assistant Professor of Management, University of Florence

Lorenzo Petretto

PhD in Firms and Local Systems Management, University of Florence




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Faraoni, M., & Petretto, L. (2009). Market-Driven Management and Global Supply Chain. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 58–74.