Growth, Consumption and Knowledge Cities


  • Riccardo Cappellin



Growth, Consumption, Knowledge Cities, Innovation, Global Markets


Cities are important centres of service activities and hubs of new knowledge. The changing structure of production and consumption in post-industrial cities has been analysed by building on the recent economic literature in three related fields, such as: the ‘endogenous development’ of industrial clusters, the regional development of knowledge intensive business services and the regional factors of innovation and knowledge creation. The increasing interaction between users and producers for the development of new services within cities creates the internal aggregate demand, which is mainly concentrated within cities, and can be a powerful driver of national growth and the new motor or the drivers of the economy in a modern city.

Author Biography

Riccardo Cappellin

Full Professor of Economics, University of Rome–Tor Vergata




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Cappellin, R. (2011). Growth, Consumption and Knowledge Cities. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 6–22.