The Role of Imitation in Global High-Tech Product Development


Innovation is historically linked to the creation of large departments of Research & Development (R&D) that require large investments in assets. With markets globalization, the department of R&D remains one of the pillars of innovation, but it needs a rethinking of the management. The new R&D department needs to change by a vision of closing within the corporate boundaries to an opening view to the outside. Product development is carried out through several conducts taken by companies ranging from Reverse R&D processes to collaborations with direct competitors for the sharing of risks and knowledge. Generally, and more precisely in high-tech industry, technological advancements and the ability to develop fast-cycle processes by followers are generating an abatement of the timely barriers that allowed first movers to maintain competitive advantages; so, in global markets, the management of imitative strategies becomes of primary importance.


Product Imitation; Product Innovation; Global Competition; Global Product Development; High-Tech Industry

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