The Role of Imitation in Global High-Tech Product Development


  • Carlos S. Baradello
  • Andrea Salazzaro



Product Imitation, Product Innovation, Global Competition, Global Product Development, High-Tech Industry


Innovation is historically linked to the creation of large departments of Research & Development (R&D) that require large investments in assets. With markets globalization, the department of R&D remains one of the pillars of innovation, but it needs a rethinking of the management. The new R&D department needs to change by a vision of closing within the corporate boundaries to an opening view to the outside. Product development is carried out through several conducts taken by companies ranging from Reverse R&D processes to collaborations with direct competitors for the sharing of risks and knowledge. Generally, and more precisely in high-tech industry, technological advancements and the ability to develop fast-cycle processes by followers are generating an abatement of the timely barriers that allowed first movers to maintain competitive advantages; so, in global markets, the management of imitative strategies becomes of primary importance.

Author Biographies

Carlos S. Baradello

Professor of Global Product Development, University of San Francisco

Andrea Salazzaro

Lecturer in Marketing, University of Milan-Bicocca




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Baradello, C. S., & Salazzaro, A. (2012). The Role of Imitation in Global High-Tech Product Development. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 57–71.