Ouverture de ‘Innovation Management in Global Markets – 2’


  • Silvio M. Brondoni




Innovation Management, Imitation Management, R&D Policies, Business Networks, Global Competitive Advantage, Automotive Industry


With globalisation, since the early 80’s, the companies compete in open markets with articulated, widespread and highly interconnected organisations (business networks). The competitive upgrading imposed by global markets determines particular organisational and strategic priorities for corporations. In the automotive industry, characterized by an intense global competition, the economic instability and the stagnation in sales have stimulated all manufacturers to create competitive alliances and enable global innovation and imitation processes. To align with the growing attention towards pollution and, more generally, environmental issues, the big automotive corporations have invested substantial financial resources and capabilities in re-engineering power systems; on the one hand focusing R&D towards new power systems (i. e. Full Hybrid and Mild Hybrid), on the other one, developing imitation processes to obtain less emissions and better performance by traditional engines.

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Silvio M. Brondoni

Editor-in-Chief Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management




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