Client Knowledge Opportunities for a Small Software Firm


  • Mirella Migliaccio
  • Francesca Rivetti



Client Relationships, Customer Knowledge Management, Knowledge Acquisition, Knowledge Exploitation, Small Software Firms


In global markets, firms should be connected to a plurality of external actors to acquire knowledge for sustainable competitive advantage. Over the last decade, knowledge management scholars have highlighted the opportunity to acquire a wide spectrum of knowledge from clients, not limited to their characteristics and preferences. This opportunity is particularly evident, considering small software firms operating on commission, due to their interaction with clients; at the same time, it represents a challenge for small companies, because the knowledge acquired from clients is usually context-specific and can become an opportunity.

Author Biographies

Mirella Migliaccio

Associate Professor of Management, University of Sannio

Francesca Rivetti

Research Fellow in Management, University of Sannio




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Migliaccio, M., & Rivetti, F. (2014). Client Knowledge Opportunities for a Small Software Firm. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 66–78.