School Networks and Sustainable Development


  • Simona Franzoni
  • Francesca Gennari



Network, Sustainability, Responsibility, School


The promotion of new approaches to the development of knowledge and the production of education services, which respect the Europe 2020 strategies, is the precondition for the economic development of the entire country, upholding the principles of inclusion and sustainability. The scarcity of resources earmarked for the education system and the very complexity of learning needs suggest forms of institutional cooperation between schools and their stakeholders, which can only be achieved through networks of relationships. This article aims to highlight the conditions at the base of: the building and development of a network of relationships between the school and the community, so as to meet ever more complex educational needs; the maintenance and enhancement of relations in the network, with the aim of ensuring an effective system of educational services; the definition of responsibilities, structures and processes of school governance for the human capital’s growth as part of the sustainable development of a local community.


Author Biographies

Simona Franzoni

Associate Professor of Business Economics, Univeristy of Brescia

Francesca Gennari

Assistant Professor of Business Economics, Univeristy of Brescia




How to Cite

Franzoni, S., & Gennari, F. (2013). School Networks and Sustainable Development. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 32–46.