Mobile Technology and Public Health Organisational System


  • Massimo Franco
  • Aizhan Tursunbayeva



Information Technology, Mobile Technology, Global Markets, Public Health, mHealth, Organisation Complexity, Market-Space Management


Information technology has a transformation power and it enables to conquer complexit. Public health system is very complex. Recently with a wide spread of mobile technology globally, public and private health systems have also seen its rapid growth and integration targeting to reduce the existing complexity, costs, human errors and as a result to simplify the processes, increase health professionals mobility and improve patient outcomes. The aim of this paper is to review the socio-economic impact, benefits and challenges of mobile technology integration into the public health system for all the stakeholders and to identify whether it simplifies their existing problems or “complexifies” them.

Author Biography

Massimo Franco

Massimo Franco is Full Professor of Organization Behaviour and Human Resources Management at University of Molise and at University of Naples Federico II. I.T.P. - International Teachers Program, at the International School of Business Management.

He is Vice Rector for Budget of the University of Molise and Director Organization and Team Management Laboratory. Teaches under-graduate, graduate and Ph.D. courses in organizational behavior, teambuilding, team management and human resource development.

Founder member of Arethuse - Association des Rencontres Economiques Thematiques des Universites du South de Europe IERSO Universitè Bordeaux France.

Massimo Franco has been visiting professor at several universities and is member of many domestic and international editorial boards, organizations and academic associations.

He has published several books and numerous papers as author and co-author.

His current research interests and publications focus on team based organizations, teamwork and teambuilding, leadership, employee motivation, knowledge management and competences, well-being and distress in organizations.


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Massimo Franco

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Franco, M., & Tursunbayeva, A. (2014). Mobile Technology and Public Health Organisational System. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 81–90.