Preventing Corruption in Africa: Emerging Challenges in the Mining Sector of the Democratic Republic of Congo


The globalisation of economies and markets, brings out the full importance of the responsibility on the part of national, regional and international authorities as regards competitiveness and support of sustainable local development.

The extractive sector of natural resources is a good example of this phenomenon which involves several countries (often in less development areas) and large international enterprises which need for good procurement system.

The corruption in business relationship is a barrier for development in Africa because it could be both a significant risk factor for international company investments and an inadequate solution to promote a real local development.

In particular, the article is intended to provide an overview of the mining sector in Democratic Republic of Congo following the recent evolution of bribery connected to the rules of ITIE (Initiative pour la Transparence dans les Industries Extractives) and the emerging issues related to corruption and local development opportunities.


Competitiveness; Sustainable Development; Networking; Sustainability; Corruption in Africa; Tripartite Approach; Democratic Republic of Congo; Global Markets; Multinational Firms

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