City Branding and Local SMEs: A Smart Specialisation Perspective


  • Cecilia Pasquinelli



city brand, place branding, SMEs, smart specialization, innovation


The growing literature on city branding has widely overlooked the relationship between firms and city brands. This paper analyses firms, with a focus on local SMEs as city image consumers and users, but it also draws attention to them as producers of city images. From a smart specialisation perspective, this analysis suggests that firms may contribute to a new wave of ‘innovation brands’ according to which the place-based approach to innovation is made visible and perceived locally and internationally. The city brand may represent a source of values and symbols that legitimize and help understand local smart specialization rationale, hence fostering the path of innovation at local and regional scale. 

Author Biography

Cecilia Pasquinelli

GSSI Cities, Gran Sasso Science Institute




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Pasquinelli, C. (2015). City Branding and Local SMEs: A Smart Specialisation Perspective. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 64–77.