The Emilia-Romagna System for Start-Up Growth


EmiliaRomagnaStartup (ERSU) is one of the pillars of the Emilia-Romagna regional policy to promote innovative business creation. Launched in 2011, it represents nowadays one the most developed regional instruments at EU level to support start-up creation through information, orienteering, services provision and networking opportunities. The initiative is coordinated by ASTER, the regional Consortium for Innovation and Technology Transfer. Designed by ASTER Start-up Dept on the basis of an intensive benchmark activity to provide up-to-date services, today it is constantly improving the variety and the quality of its offer which is directed to start-ups and business projects, but also to the various regional actors that are part of its network.
Initiatives such as sector-focused acceleration programs (e.g. on Green or Creative sectors), opportunities to go global (through, for instance, the partnership with the Tech Venture Launch Program in Silicon Valley) and planning of new services through the participation in EU projects, represent the key added value ERSU can offer to its community of users.


Start-Up Ecosystem; Public Policies; Innovation; Networking; Global Markets; Business Growth

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