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Fondazione Golinelli has been established in Bologna in 1988 by the will of Marino Golinelli, a 95 years old entrepreneur and philanthropist, with the aim of promoting – with an integrated approach – education and training, spreading culture, and encouraging the intellectual and ethical growth of young people, the citizens of tomorrow. Nowadays, it is a point of reference in the field of the dissemination of scientific culture. Its activities combine art with natural and social sciences, creating contacts between schools, universities, research, the world of business and the world of work. One of the most important and strategic objectives is to offer to young people (above all school-age children, starting from early childhood) orientation and tools to permit them to grow responsibly, in civil and social terms, nurturing ethical behaviours to foster cohesive participation in a democratic society. Young people are capable of developing and adapting in an innovative and competitive way to an increasingly globalized world. Since 2014, Fondazione Golinelli has begun working strongly also on entrepreneurial education and culture, through a new dedicated project area: Giardino delle imprese. Entrepreneurship is essential to train the adults of tomorrow and the nascent projects show the continuous and growing commitment to a better society.


Education; Entrepreneurship; Innovation; Start-Up; Ecosystem; Philanthropy; Global Markets; Culture

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