Innovation Factory for Sharing Knowledge


  • Chiara Patitucci
  • Andrea Risa



Innovation, Incubator, Start-ups, Accelerator, Growth, University, Digital Transformation, Design, Lean, Abruzzo, Global Markets, Ecosystem


The introduction of an innovative organization like Digital Borgo in a strongly conservative context, made mostly by SMEs and few big companies, often with no relationships to each other modify their interests in collaborating and exchanging knowledge. Overcoming all limits, hurdles and an unfavorable mindset, we managed to define a corporate accelerator model that can represent a virtuous example, helping corporates, entrepreneurs, chambers of commerce and universities to collaborate to foster innovation. We are confident that in the future we will be able to say that our model has created a more connected ecosystem among entrepreneurs and innovating corporates, making Abruzzo a region where small cities and low cost of life becomes an advantage for setting up a great ecosystem for innovation and smart growth.


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Patitucci, C., & Risa, A. (2015). Innovation Factory for Sharing Knowledge. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (3), 62–70.