Luxury Fashion versus a Fast-Fashion Environment


  • Emilio Paschetto



Slowear, High-End Fashion Retail, Business Model, Luxury Management, Global Markets


The world of fashion seems to be going towards a neurotic fast-fashion speed capable of burning (at dramatic pace) designers’ creativity as well as collections lifespan. The never-ending needs for ‘newness’, recent famous designers resigning by exhaustion or sudden brand deterioration, are proving how monotone seems to be the world of fashion (at any level of price positioning or design proposal). Slowear started more than a decade ago, by playing a different role: The Slowear unmatched and new approach to the business of fashion is strategically different as well as based on culture, heritage and product details, forgetting the obsession of many public groups for quarterly analysis on margins, profits and economics. Slowear shares a business philosophy and culture based on ethical values and approach, contemporary comfort and design projected for everyday use of the best products made by the company.


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Paschetto, E. (2015). Luxury Fashion versus a Fast-Fashion Environment. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (4), 40–47.