Linking Destinations Through Sustainable Cultural Routes


  • Giulio Pattanaro
  • Filippo Pistocchi



European Cultural Routes, Tourism Planning and Development, Sustainability, Destination Competitiveness, Destination Management, Global Tourism, Global Markets


The potential for cultural routes to promote tourism destinations and increase their competitiveness has been more and more recognised at both European and global level. Planning and developing a cultural route linking together different tourism destinations is a rather difficult and complex process. This analysis will concern the proposal – promoted by a French-based pro-Europe association – to create a European cultural route dedicated to Charlemagne., The main findings are expected to serve, inter alia, as a useful toolbox for those tourism decision-makers who are directly involved in the design and development of cultural routes.




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Pattanaro, G., & Pistocchi, F. (2016). Linking Destinations Through Sustainable Cultural Routes. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 83–96.