Sharing Responsibilities for Sustainable Development


  • Cristiana Rogate



Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Public-private Partnerships, Effectiveness, Common Good, Accountability, Web-Based Communication/Web Reporting, Global Markets


The complexity and integrated nature of challenges for sustainable development call for a systemic approach based on commitment at all levels – individual, organizational and community – of all actors constituting the polis, that is, governments, business and civil society. The building of this innovative model of governance requires a methodology producing effective outcomes and changes. “Taking stock to report back” already tested in a large number of public and private organizations, has proven to be an effective methodology for strengthening any organization’s culture on the issues of social and environmental sustainability and community engagement, methodology that can also be applied to build successful partnerships. 




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Rogate, C. (2017). Sharing Responsibilities for Sustainable Development. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 66–82.