Balancing Under and Over Communication in Sustainability


  • Eric Pezet
  • Cecilia Casalegno



Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Communication, Integrated Communication, Corporate Reputation, Sustainability, Global Markets


As all-sized profit organizations mostly compete both globally and locally, they have to think about a combination of strategies that have increasing social and environmental impacts, naturally dictated by a wider range of actions. Problems frequently arise from firms’ inability to successfully balance these two business functions: Communication and CSR. Both functions should take into account all the firm stakeholders simultaneously and they frequently meet, as they both ultimately aim at understanding the links between society, communities, the economy and ecosystems. Considering this, a model which analyses the different types of communication suited to each dimension of the integrated CSR is proposed. The elements of this model, can help organizations to avoid traps represented by the so called under and over communication.




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Pezet, E., & Casalegno, C. (2017). Balancing Under and Over Communication in Sustainability. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (1), 95–110.