Tourism Products Distribution and Large-Scale Retailers


  • Sabina Riboldazzi University of Milan-Bicocca



Global Tourism, Tourism Supply Chain, Tourism Products Distribution, Travel Retailing, Large-Scale Grocery Retailers


In recent years, tourism retailing has undergone profound changes due, in part, to the emergence of new actors seeking to collaborate with traditional tourism operators while trying to one-up each other’s roles and functions. This article aims to analyze the assortment extension of tourism offerings by those large-scale retailers that during the past two decades have succeeded in strengthening their competitive position among tourism supply chain operators. Specifically, this study highlights some of the most important features currently characterizing the distribution phase of the tourism supply chain while focusing on the main forms of tourism products retailing adopted by large-scale grocery retailers.




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Riboldazzi, S. (2017). Tourism Products Distribution and Large-Scale Retailers. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (3), 135–147.