Exploring Corporate Social Responsibility in a Social Business: The Workers Beer Company


The Workers Beer Company is a long-established company owned by the Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Union Council in London. The Trade Council is an umbrella group bringing together trade union branches in South London to promote trade union activity and membership locally. The Company’s focus is to raise funds for ‘left’ organisations, promote trade union membership and support organisations to deliver ethical services through mobilising its volunteer base to run bars and sell drinks music festivals. Once costs are met company surpluses are either reinvested or are devoted to social purposes. This paper explores integrated CSR through a case study of an organisation that has provided support for the last 30 years at globally recognised festivals, developed ethical businesses and donated millions of pounds to good causes. The case study will use Glastonbury Festival as a focus for the legal, local government and environmental pressures that influence corporate behaviour and promote CSR.


Integrated Corporate Social Responsibility; Stakeholders; Global Markets; The Workers Beer Company; Glastonbury Festival

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