Illy Sustainability Business Model


Through the commitment to promoting sustainability and the actions it consists of, illycaffè intends to promote the development of positive behavior models and of a culture oriented towards understanding the real needs of the communities the company works with, helping them growing and making use of the technical and professional experience illy has acquired in eighty-five years. Illycaffè has pursued a sustainable business model that generates competitive advantages for the company by combining economic and financial targets with social and environmental goals. The main driver of illy’s approach to doing business is the creation of value for all of the stakeholders involved, along the entire length of the supply chain. The pursuit of sustainable quality is illycaffè's guiding principle: it is expressed through passion for excellence - meaning love for what is beautiful and well-made - and through ethics - meaning building long term value through sustainability, transparency and human development -and it generates value by promoting social growth while respecting the environment.


Sustainable Business Model; Coffee Market; Value Creation; Stakeholders

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