Digitalization in the Italian Auto Industry


  • Francesco Zirpoli
  • Anna Cabigiosu



The paper analyzes the Italian auto industry investments in Industry 4.0 technologies and firms’ perceived risks, constraints and limits to new technologies adoption. Results show that firms 4.0 are those at the higher level of the supply pyramid and closer to the final market, and are among the most innovative, dynamic and performing companies. Particularly firms invested to improve the Production, Quality, Logistics and Maintenance areas. The study also analyzes the relevance of the Italian Government’s plan for sustaining innovative investments and overall the main risks and constraints that could hinder the activation of Industry 4.0 initiatives in this setting.




How to Cite

Zirpoli, F., & Cabigiosu, A. (2018). Digitalization in the Italian Auto Industry. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 158–169.