The Circular Economy at Enel X


  • Nicola Tagliafierro



Renewable Energy Sources, Enel X Circular Economy Score, Circular Boosting Program, Sustainability Value Chain, Scale of Circularity, Global Markets


Enel X is leading the transition toward a sustainable business model, with the circular economy as an important pillar. Using renewable energy sources and materials, extending product life cycles, creating sharing platforms, reuse and regeneration, rethinking products as services. The principles of the circular economy have become essential, considering the paradigm shift overturning the traditional linear economic model. Enel X was one of the first businesses to offer products on the market that concretely apply the five business models of the circular economy and reconsider the entire value chain from a sustainability perspective. This approach is characterized by two core principles: 1.  the first, addressed internally, focuses on the business’s product portfolio, which ranges from “measuring” circularity to identifying solutions for improvement; 2.  the second is directed toward the outside, and especially toward industrial customers and public administrations or end customers, with the goal of evaluating their level of “circularity” and helping them outline a roadmap to circularity.




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