Market, Demand Segments and Demand Bubbles


  • Margherita Corniani



Market Demand, Demand Bubble, Global Competition, Over-Supply, Segmentation, Intangible Assets


In scarcity markets, corporations use to consider the overall market demand as a group of homogeneous buyers. In controlled competition markets, companies stimulate non homogenous demand reactions to competitive supplies, by segmenting market demand. In over-supply markets, where instability is a key aspect in the supply-demand relationship, corporations activate demand bubbles, i.e. temporary client aggregation that is caused by the innovative supply configuration issued by a company. To create demand bubbles companies must have strong relationships with their stakeholders, and must invest in an advanced intangible assets system. Demand bubbles are the advanced reply to segmentation limits and are generated to grant temporary monopolistic competition conditions to corporations who create them.

Author Biography

Margherita Corniani

Associate Professor of Management, University of Milan-Bicocca




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Corniani, M. (2005). Market, Demand Segments and Demand Bubbles. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 13–30.