Global Entrepreneurship and Market-Driven Management


  • Antonio Majocchi
  • Antonella Zucchella



Market-Driven Management, Global Markets, Global Entrepreneurship, International Entrepreneurship, Outside-in


Global entrepreneurship defines the orientation of the firms in the direction of growing interdependence and integration. On the contrary international entrepreneurship is just a combination of innovative, proactive, and risk seeking behaviour that crosses national borders and is intended to create value in organizations.
In global markets, the strategic leverage of the firms moves from goods to knowledge. Information systems and inter-firm collaboration become fundamental ways to access to knowledge and to exploit its potential.
Market-driven organizations possess superior capabilities in anticipating and exploiting trends and market changes as well as competitors’ moves.
Firms, in order to be successful, must combine market-driven management with an entrepreneurial attitude.

Author Biographies

Antonio Majocchi

Associate Professor of International Management, University of Pavia

Antonella Zucchella

Full Professor of Marketing and International Entrepreneurship, University of Pavia




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Majocchi, A., & Zucchella, A. (2008). Global Entrepreneurship and Market-Driven Management. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 41–49.