Innovation, Imitation and Competitive Value Analysis


  • Margherita Corniani



Innovation, Imitation, Value Analysis, Global Markets, Competition


The most widespread kind of innovation in global markets is incremental innovation, which modifies business processes, typically without visible manifestations outside the company. Incremental innovation is also applied to products, bringing changes to their characteristics, and/or impacting on the supply profile, with the aim of attracting customers and even of stealing them from competitors. These incremental innovations are usually the result of imitation processes that are the effect of the application of passive and competitive value analysis. Value analysis implies the breakdown of processes, products and offers, looking for alternative solutions and improvements that are economically and competitively viable.

Author Biography

Margherita Corniani

Associate Professor of Management, University of Milan-Bicocca




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Corniani, M. (2012). Innovation, Imitation and Competitive Value Analysis. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (2), 37–52.