Global Markets and Development Policies in Large-Scale Retailers


  • Sabina Riboldazzi



Large-Scale Retailers, Development Policies, Growth Constraints, Global Markets


In recent years, large-scale retailers have found ways to overcome the emergence of increasingly severe constraints on retail business development by devising new development trajectories aimed at maintaining or strengthening their competitive positions. In this report, we analyze the operating activities of some of the major global and Italian large-scale retailers, ranked by revenue, with special emphasis on the following aspects: 1) basic common development policies that have been implemented over time by companies to improve their competitiveness; 2) new common development policies adopted by retailers in recent years as countermeasures against growth constraints characterizing most of the retail markets where they operate.




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Riboldazzi, S. (2016). Global Markets and Development Policies in Large-Scale Retailers. Symphonya. Emerging Issues in Management, (5), 8–28.